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Huawei Mobile Service Center in Chennai

We repair all types of basic and complex faults of Huawei Mobiles like water damaged, broken LCD screens, speaker, microphone, charging problem, network problem and all other minor and major problems. We repair using our own proprietary methods using best-in-class tools and veteran technicians with years of experience.


It's conceivable that the Huawei sound jack is simply dusty or messy. You can have a go at utilizing packed air to wipe out the flotsam and jetsam to check whether this fathoms your issues. Our talented repair group incorporates various professionals who practice to solve mobile sound jack issue


Our talented repair group incorporates various professionals who practice to solve mobile sound jack issue. Any harm caused will debase the unwavering quality of the part, and shy of paying for a substitution show and digitizer, you should ensure the Mobile display is remained careful and in place at any circumstances.


Huawei utilize Li-Ion and Li-Poly batteries. These batteries are naturally agreeable, have great charge limits, and are extremely smooth and little. This is particularly the case with Li-Poly batteries as they don't have an external metal packaging. At the point when this happens, the significance of having substitution and extra batteries elevates.


Typically when this happens the Huawei won't have the capacity to take a photo or record a video by any stretch of the imagination. Cameras demonstrating a dark screen can be difficult to settle This issue can be a hard thing to settle and get working legitimately once more. Hard reset If you have tidied up the greater part of your applications and your Huawei is as yet demonstrating a dark screen rather than the camera screen then what will need to do is play out a full reinforcement on your Mobile Huawei


There is no stable originating from the Huawei speakers. Take after these investigating when there is no solid originating from the Huawei speakers. Before beginning this method, ensure the AC connector is associated with the Huawei charge connector and is connected to a working divider outlet. This test can figure out if the issue on your Huawei is programming related or an issue with the speaker itself which obviously will help in settling the issue effectively.


Gorilla Glass is a unique type of artificially reinforced material (an aluminosilicate for you material science nerds out there) that is prepared so as to oppose scratches and other surface dings. Try not to give a straightforward chip access your Gorilla Glass transform into a noteworthy break – or more awful. A straightforward chip repair now could spare you replacing the whole Screen later.

Smartphone Service includes

  • LCD Replacement
  • Keypad Replacement
  • Track Pad Replacement
  • Network Problem Solution
  • Charging Problem Solution
  • Camera Problem Solution
  • No Display Solution
  • Software Problem Solution
  • Hanging Problem Solution
  • Unlocking Service
  • Dead Problem Solution

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